Ready-to-go Assays: AXXAM's Assay Suite

click to see more Axxam offers a constantly growing number of optimised assays and cell lines for key drug discovery targets. Clients have access to Axxam’s Assay Suite by:

  • Directly purchasing cell lines or enzymes including the most appropriate protocol.
  • Requesting compound profiling activities to support internal SAR work
  • Selecting a specific target assay to conduct an HTS campaign at Axxam

Download the Cell based Assay List (new release July 2017)

click at this page The Axxam Assays Suite contains more than 180 cell-based and more than 50 biochemical assays for key drug discovery targets including a number of unique assays. Different reporter genes and detection systems coupled to specific signalling cascades are used, and assays are optimized for the standard 384-well format.

Cell-based Assays: available Panels

visit web page Open the following link to discover the cell-based assays panels available at Axxam.

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Target classes for cell-based assays, ion channels, GPCRs