May 2018

Acousia Therapeutics Announces €10 Million Series B Financing to Advance its Hearing Loss Portfolio

May 14th, 2018 - Milan (Italy) - Axxam is proud to announce that Acousia Therapeutics (Tubingen; Germany), a biotech company participated by Axxam and focused to develop therapies for the treatment of hearing loss, raised €10 Million in Series B Financing round. The financing was led by new investor LBBW Venture Capital, and joined by other new investors, Creathor Ventures and Bregua Corporation. Existing investors, Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund (BIVF) and Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) also participated in the round. For more info please open the Press Release from Acousia Therapeutics.

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Apr 2018

Axxam S.p.A. collaborates with GenSight Biologics S.A. to support Clinical Trials of an optogenetic-based gene therapy drug for sight-threatening diseases

April 24th 2018 - Milan (Italy) - Axxam S.p.A. announced today a collaboration with GenSight Biologics S.A. in the field of optogenetic gene-therapy drug development, with the goal to support GenSight effort of establishing innovative therapies to preserve or restore vision in patients suffering from sight-threatening ophthalmic diseases, such as Retinitis Pigmentosa.

GenSight is an innovative clinical-stage gene therapy company with an initial focus on discovering, developing and commercializing novel therapies for severe retinal neurodegenerative diseases.

Its unique know-how in using optically controlled gene products for orchestrating cellular functions in miniaturized HTS-compatible functional assays, made Axxam the research partner of choice for the development of a cell-based potency assay to be used to validate GenSight GS030 drug product batches for the use in clinical-stage experimentation.

Axxam started the collaboration with GenSight with the establishment of a miniaturized in-vitro assay aimed at robustly and quantitatively measuring the biological effects linked to GS030 therapeutic properties, namely photoactivated cellular excitability. The potency assay, specially developed by Axxam for GenSight, is now ready to process for the method qualification in order to meet the regulatory requirements for clinical and further commercial stages.

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Mar 2018

AXXAM expands its natural products service business

Thursday 22nd March 2018, Milan - Axxam SpA (“AXXAM”) announces today the acquisition of all shares of IMAX Discovery GmbH (“IMAX Discovery”) held by IMD Natural Solutions GmbH (“INS”) to make IMAX Discovery a subsidiary of AXXAM. In the course of this transaction, IMAX Discovery acquired the natural products libraries of INS.

With this acquisition and through IMAX Discovery, AXXAM has expanded its discovery services portfolio to the food & beverage industry and emphasizes its commitment to building its service business with unique offerings in natural product innovation as well as flavor solutions. As a consequence, AXXAM will also transfer its service business within the fragrance field into IMAX Discovery.

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Jan 2018

Axxam and Proximagen enter into a strategic collaboration for the discovery of novel molecules against targets for CNS disorders, pain and inflammation

January 10th 2018 - Milan (Italy) and Cambridge (UK) - Axxam S.p.A. and Proximagen Ltd. today announced a strategic drug discovery collaboration for the identification and optimisation of small molecules as potential therapeutics in the fields of neuroscience, pain and inflammation.

Over the course of the collaboration, Axxam and Proximagen scientists will collaborate to identify novel molecules modulating validated and promising biological targets of therapeutic interest for a range of disorders requiring novel therapeutic approaches. Starting from assay development and high throughput screening campaigns, using the Axxam AXXDIV3.0 library, the subsequent hits will be progressed through optimisation at Proximagen.

This collaboration is the latest evolution of an existing relationship between the two companies.

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Jan 2018

Rewind Therapeutics, founded by Axxam and CD3, focusing on myelin-related diseases, raises €15.2 million in Series A Financing Round

January 4th, 2018 - Milan (Italy) - Axxam is proud to announce that Rewind Therapeutics, a Belgian biotech company recently founded by Axxam itself and KU Leuven’s Centre for Drug Design and Discovery (CD3 - Leuven, Belgium), has completed a €15.2 million Series A round that will finance research programs directed towards the development of novel re-myelinating therapies for patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and other myelin-related diseases. The round was led by life science investors Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund (BIVF), Merck Ventures BV (MV) and Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen (PMV), together with CD3 and KU Leuven Gemma Frisius Fonds (GFF).  For more info please open the Press Release from Rewind Therapeutics.

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