Biophysical Society Annual Meeting

Feb 17, 2018 to Feb 21, 2018

Meet Jean-Francois Rolland (Head of Axxam's Electrophysiology Unit) at the forthcoming Biophysical Society Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Don't miss Axxam Poster Presentation:

    Poster Board Number: B551; Category: 7A Membrane Pumps, Transporters & Exchangers; Monday, Feb 19 1:45 PM
    Poster Board Number: B431; Category: 5G Ion Channels, Pharmacology & Disease; Tuesday, Feb 20 1:45 PM

Contact us in case you want to know more about our experience in electrophysiology.



BIO-Europe 2017

Nov 06, 2017 to Nov 08, 2017

Don't lose the chance to meet Stefan Lohmer (Chairman and CEO), Sabrina Corazza (Director Business Development), Chiara Liberati (Director Discovery Research) and Russell Thomas (Director Strategic Alliances) at the forthcoming BIO-Europe in Berlin!


Axxam at iForum in London

Sep 28, 2017

Meet Axxam representative at iForum meeting focused on new applications and innovative uses for differentiated iPS cells.

Don't miss Axxam Poster Presentation:

Calcium players at work in human iPSC-derived glutamatergic cultures (iCell® GlutaNeurons)

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Axxam at Autophagy: From molecular principles to human diseases in Cavtat-Dubrovnik, Croatia

Sep 25, 2017 to Sep 29, 2017

Meet Lia Scarabottolo and Paola Picardi from Axxam at the EMBO conference focused on autophagy that will be held in Cavtat-Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Don't miss Axxam Oral Communication and Poster Presentation:

Metabolic pathologies with high medical needs: research and development of new pharmacological approaches and innovative molecular targets.
In the main conference hall (Ragusa)
Presenting Date: Tuesday 26th ● 14:00-15:00


Axxam at Basel Life-MipTec 2017 in Basel

Sep 10, 2017 to Sep 13, 2017

You can meet an Axxam representative at the forthcoming Basel Life-MipTec conference in Basel to learn more about our Discovery Services and Programs

Don't miss Axxam Poster Presentation:

The Design of a High Quality HTS Compound Collection
Session Title: Innovation Forums: Poster Session and networking
Presenting Date: Tuesday 12th ● 16:30-18:00

You can find more about our AXXDIV3.0 Compound Collection visiting our Compound Collection page


Axxam at Precision Medicine & Ion Channel Retreat 2017 in Vancouver

Aug 09, 2017 to Aug 11, 2017

Riccardo Rizzetto from Axxam willl speak at the Precision Medicine & Ion Channel Retreat 2017 conference with a talk entitled: "ionChannel Optical High-content Microscope for ligand-gated ion channels drug discovery"

Don't lose the chance to meet him and know more about our services.



May 14, 2017 to May 20, 2017

Viviana Agus is going to take part to the Channel & Transportes EMBO FEBS Lecture Course in Erice (Italy) with an oral presentation entitled: “Optogenetics applications for Ion channel drug screening”.


14th International Life Science Meeting

Apr 05, 2017 to Apr 06, 2017

Viviana Agus will be at 14th International Life Science Meeting in Krems (Austria), organized by the IMC University of Applied Sciences, with a talk entitled: “Optogenetics meets HTS: Probing Ion Channel Function With Light”.



AXXAM at SLAS2016: 5th annual conference and exhibition

Jan 25, 2016 to Jan 27, 2016

Meet with Axxam representatives at SLAS2016 in San Diego (California, USA), Booth #1556

Don't miss Axxam Poster Presentation:

# 2020 : Cell based assays for bitter taste receptors and their application for taste modulation, airway biology and gastro-intestinal systems
# 2050 : Genetically encoded fluorescent indicators: toward a multi-color, multi-parametric all-optical HTS

Presenting Date: Tuesday 26th ● 13:00-15:00
Poster Track: Assay Development & Screening

Contact us if you are interested in receiving a copy of the posters



Axxam at MipTec 2015 in Basel - Booth #B43

Sep 22, 2015 to Sep 24, 2015

Join Axxam at Booth # B43 during MipTec conference in Basel to learn about our extended discovery services offering

Don't miss Axxam Poster Presentation:

P144: Optogenetics applied to the High Throughput Screening: novel cellular assays controlled by light
Presenting Date: Wednesday 23th ● 17:00-18:00

Download the Poster

You can find more about Optogenetics applied to HTS assays visiting our Technologies page